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Arriving at the paintballing camp, I felt like I wasn't going to be able to achieve this challenge.

But inside I felt nervous but excited at the same time.

We all nervously got given our overalls and helmet from the instructor, after we went over safety rules and strolled towards the game arena, where we played our first game.

We all played a bit slow because we didn't expect what would happen.

Later on, we played a game where Barney was the president and our team had to try and transport him from one bus to another without getting him shot.

Unfortunately, he got shot by the opposition.

All throughout the day, we managed to play 6 matches.

Overall, I had a brilliant time and would definitely go back again only if when we got shot it didn't hurt because it left a pain and a bruise.

Thank you to Martyn and Barney for arranging us to go to the paintballing site I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed their time there. 

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