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The Rainbow Room

The ‘Rainbow Room was originally the Congregational Sunday School, then it was the Scouts Hall and more recently a soft play centre.  In 2018 the main Dreamscheme building was being refurbished/rewired and we needed to hire another building so that we could continue delivering our projects, so we hired the former soft play centre for a twelve months period which was funded by Cumbria Community Foundation. We were also available to extend our delivery to the younger generation in Aspatria 6-10 year olds with the help of Children in Need and this space proved to be perfect. 

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Aspatria Dreamscheme is primarily a members only Youth Project. It is FREE to join and members priority when we are running trips and activities. We do allow non-members to access our open sessions however the trips and activities will be for members only. Each session costs £1 (this is £1 per family e.g. young person + sister/brother = £1). However, a membership form should be filled in for each young person.


The Dreamscheme has started a yearly Wi-Fi membership a safe and secure network for the young people to browse the internet The Dreamscheme Wi-Fi will be a small charge on £10 a year regardless of when you sign up and will be renewed every September. This membership will take place as soon as the membership form is back and completed with the £10 fee.