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Elevated Music Project

Elevated is THE place to practice in West Cumbria. You will never have rehearsed as professionally and with so much ease in your musical life. 
We offer a state of the art practice space, kitted out with a top of the range Mackie PA system (monitors included), two Marshall 1960 4x12 guitar cabinets, an Ampeg Classic 810 bass cabinet, a Pearl Export drum kit with Sabian cymabls, Shure instrument and vocal mics all mixed through a Behringer X32 Compact mixing desk. If that isn’t amazing enough, you will have a dedicated member of staff to mix you in for your session. Once you’ve been mixed on your first session, the X32 will have all of your parameters saved making future practices even quicker. To put all of the above in a nutshell, all you need to do is turn up with your instruments and guitar heads (combos if you use them) and practice. Easy as that!