COVID 19 Aspatria Rainbow Response

How This Works?

The aim of this programme is to ensure correct procedures are carried out when a person who is self-isolating requests assistance with their essential shopping.  It is emphasised that this service is for essential items only, not a full weekly shop. 



The procedure is as follows.

 1.    You will be given an address to go to by ?.  Prior to starting your task thoroughly wash your hands.  At all times care should be taken with social distancing, using gloves if possible.  Unfortunately, we cannot supply these.  On your return home discard disposable gloves or clean ones to be reused.  Then thoroughly wash your hands.  
 2.     Make sure you carry ID provided by us and photo ID e.g. your driving licence with you that you can present to the householder if requested.  They will have been told who will be coming to help them.
 3.     You will arrive at that address.  Ring the doorbell to advice of your arrival and step back, remembering to maintain 6ft or 2m between you and the householder.
 4.     Ask the householder to put their shopping list and money in an envelope on their doorstep and step back.
5.      You will then verify the sum of money handed over, taking a photo of the money if practical.
6.      If you can please go to the shop requested, if you are unable to go to shop request please inform the householder of this with an alternative shop.
7.     Before handing over the shopping, demonstrate to the householder and second volunteer that the receipt shows the correct change is being handed over.  If you can also verify the items bought against the receipt.  Take a photo of the receipt and change on your phone and please make sure you keep this.

Areas To Be Covered