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Friday Night Project

Friday night Project has been running for several years now and was started as an initiative to provide somewhere for young people around the county to have somewhere to go on a Friday night where they can socialise in a safe environment and get the opportunity to access other activities, whilst raising their awareness of the consequences

of anti-social and risk taking behaviour; this combined with a consistent support to develop the emotional resilience of the young people has made this a successful project which has fitted in great with the  open sessions which are already running. 


FNP is £1 entry, however we periodically run off site activities for those who attend the Friday night Project and these are free of charge.

Friday Night Project is funded by:

CumbriaCountyCouncilAllerdaleandCopelandCrimeDisorderPartnership BaileyThomasCumbriaCommunityFoundationCumbriaPoliceCrimeCommissioner

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