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Open Sessions

Open sessions

Our open sessions are every Monday and Wednesday evening for 11-19yrs 7-9pm, £1 entry.  This is where the young people can come along and socialise with their friends. We serve light refreshments and snacks out of the ‘tuck shop’.

  • X Box
  • Pool Tables
  • Table Tennis
  • Just Dance
  • Movie nights
  • Bean bags/chill out
  • Sofas

These are the sessions where we all get to know each other, where relationships are developed and we get to find out each other’s individual personalities, likes, dislikes, skills abilities, hopes and aspirations.  Our focused activities are usually derived from these sessions, where we get to organise specific things and young people get to plan, organise and participate in their chosen activities.

Monday and Wednesday Open Sessions are funded by Cumbria County Council.

Cumbria County Council


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